Is Disney Plus Black Friday [Best] Deals Available in Australia?

Everyone awaits Black Friday deals from their favourite companies, and your streaming services are no exception. With Disney Plus Black Friday in Australia, you get the best shows, series, movies, animations, documentaries, and much more at the lowest price you will find anywhere.

People miss out on such offers because they do not know when to expect them or have paid for long subscriptions, and they are unaware of the offers which would have been presented while renewing their subscriptions.

For viewers living in countries where the streaming service is geo-blocked, you will need to use a Disney Plus VPN to watch restricted content. This way, you will be able to watch all the popular titles like Mira, Royal DetectiveI am GrootLight and Magic, and much more.

With that in mind, our article has been created to update you on the best offers available on Disney Plus Black Friday 2022. So, are there any attractive offers from Disney Plus still remaining this year?

Best Disney Plus Black Friday Deals in Australia 2022 [Top Offers]

In 2022, Disney Plus has released some of the all-time best movies and shows, from Doctor Strange 2 and Ms. Marvel to animated blockbusters like Walking Dead Season 11. So naturally, you wouldn’t want to miss any of your favourites on the list. Therefore, you get entertained by the best at a lower price with a Disney Plus black Friday deal.

However, it is important to note that the Disney Plus Black Friday offers in the article started late last year, and we have only compiled the ones that are still viable for use.

The offers in the list below are currently available on the Disney+ official site:

  • In Australia for $119.99/year, you can gift a 1-year Disney+ subscription.
  • In Australia for $11.99/month, you can watch movies and shows from; Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic.

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Cheapest Disney Plus deal | AU $11.99/m

disney-AUWith this subscription, we have the standard membership experience. Compared to other streaming services, you get one of the best deals with a standard membership that Disney brings to you. In addition, you get to watch movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and even National Geographic.

You don’t have to struggle to bag this deal since it only costs $7.99/month. So why not grab the deal while it’s the cheapest in the market? Buy cheaper here, we mean, it gives you the best quality for your money value. Even though there are other competitors, it won’t be easy to get such a deal – plus, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. You can also get Disney Plus for free by using some tricks.


Subscribe to the Disney Plus bundle now!


Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | AU $119.99

disney-card-AUWhat does it take for a gift to feel like a gift? It probably feels like getting a Disney Plus gift card that runs for a year at $79.99 in the USA or $119.99 while in Australia. However, if you do not have a Disney plan yet, I have news. For a price that translates to less than $7/month, you enjoy all Disney shows for the whole year.

This is the gift card you have been looking for. If you want to gift your loved ones, why not surprise them with this Disney Plus gift card? As an add-on, you can digitally deliver the gift card to whoever you like. Do not send it to someone who already has Disney Plus.

Have the Black Friday Disney Plus Deals Started Yet in Australia?

Unfortunately, as it stands, Disney Plus Black Friday 2022 deals are thin on the ground in Australia. This is due to the favourably good deal we received earlier in November. With the deals translating to the lowest prices ever recorded on Disney, it looks like we’ll have to enjoy the offers while they last. What we can hope for is that the offers continue to be available.

If Disney+ will add any new offers to the existing Black Friday deals or if the streaming service will be making a Black Friday sale, you can get updates from the Disney+ official site.


Chances are low following the November Disney Plus Black Friday offers and their current market prices, which are fairly low in Australia compared to other competitors.

Since Cyber Monday is not until the end of the year in Australia, streamers are waiting for Disney Plus Cyber Monday deal for 2023.

Disney has already put up an ad about its Disney+ Black Friday in Australia in 2022 that contains the offers discussed in the article.

Currently, there are no reports of Disney Plus Black Friday deals in Australia but you can always enjoy the standard subscription without binding yourself to any additional requirements.

Final Thoughts

Disney is a pacesetter in the industry, and with a Disney Plus Black Friday in Australia offer, it gets to assemble people to enjoy the best movies, shows, and sports on Disney Plus. The Fair prices translate to the best value for your money if you’re looking to spend less and enjoy quality content.

As discussed in the article, we will have more than enough to enjoy with the Disney+ Black Friday offer. The 2022 offers are a feast to reckon with.