Disney Plus Bundle Best Deals in August 2022 | Hulu, ESPN+, Star

Wondering how to get more with Disney Plus bundle? Your confusion is over! All Disney Plus Hulu bundle provides access to various other streaming services. It means that the number of movies and TV shows that you can watch is multiplied at only a small additional cost.

If you seek answers to questions like “Is Disney Plus bundle worth it?”, “What does the Disney Plus bundle include?”, “How much does Disney Plus bundle cost?” or “Can you cancel Disney Plus bundle anytime?” we have answers to everything!

If the streaming service is not available in your region, you can use a VPN to get Disney Plus Bundle in your country. Whether you use a Disney Plus VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions or looking for the free Disney+ bundles, we have listed down region-wise cheapest bundles to get you sorted.

What does the Disney Plus bundle include?

The Disney Plus bundle consists of three services for US subscribers:

  1. Disney Plus
  2. Hulu
  3. ESPN+

For other regions, you can skip to the sections as under:

If you live outside the regions mentioned above, you will need a VPN to get a Disney+ bundle of your choice. Jump to “How to Get Disney Plus bundle in my country?

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How much does Disney Plus bundle cost?

There are three types of Disney bundles in the US. The Disney Plus bundle cost in the US is as follows:

BundlePriceFeaturesBuy now
Disney Plus Bundle with adsUS$ 13.99/mo
  • Cheapest price
  • Watch Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with ads
Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu without ads: US$19.99 per month
  • Medium price range
  • Watch Disney+ Bundle with Hulu, and ESPN+ without interruptions
Disney+, Hulu Basic + Live TV, and ESPN+ bundleUS$69.99 per month
  • Watch Live TV broadcasts on Hulu
  • Enjoy more than 75 live channels of Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN+ with ads

Note: Disney Plus also has gift cards that you can use to gift a Disney Plus subscription to your loved one or even you can use this for yourself. You can also avail a special discount on Disney Plus Day or try these ways to get Disney Plus for free.

How do I Upgrade Disney Plus to Bundle?

The existing Disney customers can upgrade their current subscription to the Disney+ bundle by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your Disney+ account from the official website.
  • From your “Profile” dropdown menu, select “Account.”
  • In the “Subscription” tab, you can upgrade to the Disney+ bundle.
  • Review your billing details and click “Agree & Subscribe.”

Note: If you are a new subscriber, continue reading below to learn more about how to subscribe to the Disney Plus bundle in the USA and look out for Disney Plus Black Friday deals!

How do I sign up for Disney Plus bundle?[3 Quick Steps]

If you are a new subscriber and live in the US, you can sign up for the bundle with Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Disney Plus website.
  2. Select the bundle option.
  3. Enter the details to subscribe, and you are ready to stream your favorite Star Wars series.

How Can I Get Disney Plus Bundle in my Country? [Easy Steps]

You can get three of the best streaming services through this Disney bundle at a fantastic price is excellent, but what would be the point if you don’t get to avail of this service at all because you either live in a restricted region or are traveling to one where neither of these services works and display a similar message when you try to access them;


The geo-location error will interrupt you from streaming Disney Plus.

But modern-day technology prevails here, and VPN saves the day. A strong VPN will unlock Disney Bundle and all the shows and movies originally blocked for your region due to it not being launched there yet.

Cutting your hunt short for the best VPN for Disney Plus that perform exceptionally well and provide a great deal and packages that will be easy on your pocket in the longer run.

Following are the easy steps to get the Disney+ bundle in your country:

  • Get yourself a premium VPN subscription. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its buffer-free streaming.
  • Open the VPN app, and connect to a US server.

Access Disney Plus by coonecting to US server of ExpressVPN.

  • As soon as the connection is made, visit the official Disney+ website and follow the steps to create an account.
  • Complete the payment process via virtual credit card, amazon gift card, or through PayPal.
  • Log in and start streaming!

How Much is the Disney+ Bundle in the UK:

Following are the Disney+ bundles available in the UK:

  1. Monthly bundle offer with Star: You can get Star alongside 5 content hubs including Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney  & National geographic for GB£7.99 per month.
  2. Yearly bundle offer with Star: For GB£79.90 per year, you can enjoy all the 6 content hubs (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic & Star) and save up to 15% on Disney Plus Star yearly offer.
  3. Disney+ Star Gift Card yearly bundle: You can pay GB£79.90 and get an annual gift card for your loved ones with the 6 content hubs. In this way, you are technically paying a price for a month’s subscription and getting 2 months free.
  4. O2+ Disney bundle: If you are an existing or new O2 customer, you can get Disney Plus as an add-on for GB£7.99 per month including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star.

How Much is the Disney+ Hotstar Bundle in India?

Following are the Disney+ Hotstar bundles available in India:

  1. Disney+ Hotstar Monthly Premium bundle: This Hotstar premium offer is priced at INR299 per month that provides access to English content, and Disney Plus originals, and subscribers can enjoy 2 simultaneous screens!
  2. Disney Plus Hotstar Yearly Premium bundle: You save a massive INR2089 discount by getting a Yearly Premium offer at INR1499 a year. Imagine paying monthly for INR299 which adds up to INR3588 at the end of the year.
  3. Disney Plus Hotstar Yearly VIP bundle: This is one of the cheapest yearly bundle options that there is right now! However, the downside is that even though it costs INR399 a year, you can access only dubbed movies and won’t be able to stream the originals. In addition to that, you will only have an option of one screen and get standard HD and audio-only.

What Can I Watch on ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a famous sports streaming site exclusive to the US only including live sports UFC, College sports, and international soccer, but you can easily unblock ESPN and ESPN+ with VPN in the geo-restricted countries.

For that, you would need a reliable VPN that has numerous US servers, like ExpressVPN. In addition, it will help you unlock multiple content libraries that are only exclusive to ESPN+. These libraries are also accessible on Disney Plus ESPN bundle as well.


Watch your favorite live sports on ESPN+.

Best Shows on ESPN+

  • NBA Rooks
  • Peyton’s Places
  • Man in the Arena: Tom Brady
  • UFC Embedded
  • NFL’s Greatest Games
  • Eli’s Places
  • Bettor Days
  • The Chael Sonnen Show With Jorge Sedano
  • Our Time: UCF Football
  • The Last Dance
  • More than an Athlete

What Can I Watch on Hulu?

Hulu is one of the best streaming services existing, but sadly it is only available in the US region while still unavailable for the rest of the world. It is geo-blocked, and countries do not have the right to display those shows and movies on Hulu.

But with the help of a VPN, it is not a hard task to unblock Hulu and watch several of Hulu’s Best Original shows like:


Watch the most recent and amazing content on Hulu.

Best Original Shows on Hulu

  • Only Murders in the Building
  • The First
  • Oussekine
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • The Act
  • American Horror Stories
  • Future Man
  • Casual
  • Runaways
  • The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t
  • Castle Rock
  • This Way Up
  • Catch-22

What Can I Watch on Disney+?

Everyone who grew up watching Disney Channel had their dream come to life in November 2019 when Disney+ was launched.

It is currently available in most countries where you won’t need a VPN. You can stream your favorite star content on Disney Plus NZ, local Malaysian content on Disney+ Malaysia, or watch Asian content on Disney Plus Singapore at your convenience.

Though the launch process is still in action and will continue until 2022, we don’t expect you to wait that long, especially in geo-restricted countries. With a VPN, you can now quickly log in to the Disney+ website or get a Hulu Disney Plus bundle and watch your favorite movie and Disney classics on Disney Plus Philippines or Disney+ in South Africa.


Stream your favorite movies and shows on Disney Plus.

Best Disney+ Shows and Movies

Note: You can also watch Disney+’s famous animated series Solar Opposites in the USA with the help of a VPN.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Bundle? [Easy Steps]

Here are the easy steps you can follow to cancel your bundle if you have subscribed it through Disney+:

  • Sign in to the official website of Disney Plus via mobile or web browser.
  • Click on your profile located on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Scroll down to “Account.”
  • Under the “Subscription” tab, click on your Disney Plus bundle.
  • Locate “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Confirm you cancellation by clicking “Complete Cancellation.”
  • A message will appear on your screen that says “Your subscription has been canceled.”

A confirmation message that your subscription has been canceled will display on your screen.

How to Switch from Disney Bundle to Regular?

You can switch from the Disney+ bundle to a regular plan from Subscription settings. Follow these steps below:

  1. Head over to the Disney+ website and log in to your account.
  2. Click your account (Micky icon) and look for Billing details.
  3. Now click change plans. You can now choose a regular Disney plan.

How Can I Get Disney Plus Bundle for Free?

Yes! You can now get the Disney Plus bundle free by subscribing to Verizon’s 5G Home broadband service. The excellent thing about Home Internet plans is that you don’t have to sign a contract and there are no hidden extra costs at all:

  • 5G Home Plan will get you a Disney+ bundle free for 6 months at US$50/ month.
  • 5G Home Plus Plan will get you a Disney+ bundle free for 12 months at US$70/ month.

Currently, there is no Disney Plus bundle free trial available for users, so you can either subscribe to the plan for one month to try the service, or you can use the Verizon method discussed above.

Is Disney Plus bundle worth it?

Yes, the Disney bundle is definitely worth the purchase compared to its competitors like Netflix and HBO Max. For instance, a monthly subscription to Netflix would cost you US$13.99, whereas the Disney bundle includes Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ at the same price. Besides that, there are additional advantages and features that make the Bundle offer worth the purchase:

  • Three different services for one price.
  • 7 different profiles to accommodate preferences. You can have one profile only for sports, while another one just for the kids.
  • 4 simultaneous streams of Disney Plus – in simple words, each to his own.
  • Offline views of Disney+ that offer unlimited downloads of any movie or TV show.
  • It can be streamed on various compatible devices like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles like Xbox & PS4 too!

Is there a discount for Disney Plus bundles?

No, there isn’t a Disney Plus Bundle discount per see, but the bundle deal saves you a lot of money anyways. With the bundle offer, you get Hulu and ESPN Plus for free.

Separately Disney Plus costs US$ 7.99/mo, Hulu is available for US$6.99, and ESPN Plus is priced at US$6.99. The total cost of these streaming services is almost US$21. In comparison, the Disney Plus bundle only costs US$ 13.99/mo which is very reasonable.

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Yes, you can add Hulu Live TV to your Disney+ bundle. If you currently have a Hulu Plus Live TV plan, you can subscribe to Disney+ by logging into your account and activating from the main Hulu page. Hulu Live TV with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus is available for US$69.99/month

If Hulu Disney Plus is not activating, it could be that you are using the same email on multiple Disney accounts before the bundle. If that occurs, you can try using a different email and activate the account without any issues. 

Follow these steps to cancel the Disney+ bundle but keep Disney+:

  • Head over to the Disney Plus website and log in.
  • Choose your account
  • Look for billing details.
  • No click Switch to Disney+ only.

The Disney+ Bundle with Hulu (ad-supported) is US$13.99/mo and with Hulu (no ads) for US$19.99/month.   

Yes, if you subscribe to the Disney+ bundle, you will use the same login for both Hulu and Disney Plus. 

To switch plans from Disney+ bundle to Disney Plus follow these steps:

  • Go to the Disney Plus website and log in.
  • Choose your account.
  • Look for your billing details.
  • From there, you can change your plan.

To cancel Hulu and ESPN+, but keep Disney+, visit your disney+ account page online and cancel your bundle subscription. This way you will be billed for Disney+ only. 

Currently, there is no way to cancel your Disney+ bundle or normal subscription through its mobile app. Similarly, if you have subscribed to the bundle via a third-party service, you need to cancel your subscription through the company site

It is very easy to cancel the Disney+ Bundle. All you need to do is visit the Account page, and click Billing Details. Now select the option Cancel Subscription and your bundle will be canceled. 

Here’s how to switch from a monthly to a yearly Disney+ Bundle subscription:

  • Log in to your Disney Plus account on your browser.
  • Open the Account Page by clicking the profile icon.
  • Under Subscription, change the subscription to Annual and Save.
  • Review your added payment details and method.
  • Click Agree & Subscribe.

When your Disney Plus subscription is close to ending, you will receive emails that your subscription is ending and if you don’t cancel your account, you will be billed. You can also check the subscription status via account settings.

Currently, the Disney Bundle is only available in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. where Disney+ is available.

If you are located elsewhere, you can access the bundle with a VPN for Disney Plus. The best VPN for Disney Plus will allow you to access the streaming service from anywhere.

Yes, Verizon customers can claim the bundle for free using their Verizon accounts. It means Verizon customers can watch their favorite movies and shows for free with the Verizon Disney Plus bundle offer


Sadly, as fantastic as the Disney Plus bundle is, the free trial is not valid anymore. However, to experience the top 3 streaming sites, you need to commit to a month’s worth of subscription, but honestly, it’s the perfect bargain considering Disney Plus itself offers 6 content hubs including Pixar, Marvel, Disney+, Star Wars, National Geographic and a newly added Star.

And a VPN is the perfect way for you to access all this entertaining content with ease no matter where you are, saving you a ton of bucks and providing safety while you stream safely. It will allow you to get the bundle from anywhere.

How has your experience with Disney+ Hulu bundle been? Did you find the Disney Bundle offers in other countries worth it? Let us know.