How to Get Disney Plus Free Trial in 2021?

Were you looking forward to watching live-action Mulan on the Disney Plus free trial? Sadly, that won’t be possible. As of June 2020, Disney+ ultimately canceled its seven-day free trial for its new subscribers.

Disney Plus introduced the seven-day free trial back in November’19 at its launch. And so far it has managed to attract 60 million new customers as of now

Disney Plus homepage

But Disney bid farewell to the free trial back in June, just before the release of Hamilton. Rightfully so as Hamilton proved to be the most popular and widely viewed movie for July, it also was the reason Disney gained numerous new paying customers.

Disney Bundle

Adding a plus was the Disney Bundle, which included Hulu and ESPN+, which provided 3 streaming services at the price of one. The deal was a promising setup to attract more paying customers.

Currently, neither the USA, Disney Plus UK, Disney+ Australia, Disney Plus Canada, Disney+ NZ, etc., offer any free trial services on their respective Disney Plus site.

Disney Plus Free Trial- Is it Still Available?

No, Disney Plus discreetly canceled the free trial back in June 2020. There was no specific date of the cancellation.

But a Disney spokesperson stated, as reported by the Verge, that “We continue to test and evaluate different marketing, offers, and promotions to grow Disney+. The service was set at an attractive price-to-value proposition that we believe delivers a compelling entertainment offering on its own,”

It was universally available before in all the major countries in which it launched. But after reaching the 6 months mark, the offer was gone.

It is a risky move as the world lives on free trials, even in this era when the most popular streaming service like Netflix offers a 30-day trial. But Disney+ already has one of the cheapest price tags attached to it. $7.99 on its monthly subscription and $13.99 on its bundle.

How to Get Disney+ for Free?

Although there isn’t a free trial available, we have figured a few ways to go around it. There are several ways with which you will be able to stream Disney Plus for free. Some of these are mentioned as under:

  • Verizon Subscriptions to Get Disney Plus for Free

If you or someone in your family and friends have anyone the following Verizon subscription, you will be able to watch Disney Plus for free:

  1. Start unlimited plan at $35 will get you a Disney+ subscription for 6 months free in the US.
  2. Play more unlimited plan at $45 will get you a Disney Plus bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+.
  3. Do more unlimited plan at $45 provides 6 months of Disney+ subscription in the US complimentary.
  4. Get more unlimited plan at $55 will also get you to bundle offers of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ free.

• Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription to Get Disney+ for Free

The deal of getting Disney Plus for free with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is pretty simple. Music lovers who subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited offers a free Disney Plus subscription for 6 months.
Upon completing your 6 monthly’ subscription, you will be charged at the standard Disney Plus cost of $7.99/month.

• Xbox Game Pass Membership to Get Disney+ for Free

Under the perks program of Xbox Game Pass members, Disney Plus can be streamed for a trial period of one month. Once the trial period concludes, you will be charged at the standard rate of $7.99/month.

However, the offer is usually available only for a limited time and is often re-introduced during certain periods. As of now, the offer is only valid until September 2021. It is worth keeping it on the lookout in the future.

Can I Watch Disney Plus for Free in Any Country?

Disney Plus usually offers free trials only in countries where it has recently launched. The company recently released news of the Disney+ Hong Kong launch in November 2021. Will it come with or without the free trial? We’ll find that out later.
But Disney Plus in Japan still offers a 31-day free trial. You can enjoy that by only using a VPN if you live outside of Japan.

Disney Plus Japan

With the help of a VPN, you can change your current location to Japan and log in to Disney Plus Japan. The website is entirely in Japanese, but Google will translate it for you quickly.

For Disney Plus, we recommend ExpressVPN as it is the best VPN for it. It Provides an exquisite experience with an exceptional stream quality.

Best Way to Watch Disney Plus without the Free Seven-Day Trial?

Subscribe to Disney plus! It is the only way you can enjoy the content on Disney Plus. And it’s cheap as compared to its major competitors like Netflix or HBO Max.

You can always cancel your subscription after a month before it renews if you are not satisfied. But Disney is the house of all the major Marvel and Pixar movies, so choose wisely.

Is Disney Plus Free Trial Available for Disney Bundle?

As of now, the bundle does not have any free trial either. You become a paying customer the moment you sign-up on the Disney+ website.

But the Disney Bundle is already an incredibly affordable deal. Offering Hulu (with Ads) and ESPN+ along with complete access to all the Disney movies and shows.

All the streaming sites would have cost around $18 in total if bought separately. But the bundle offers a $5 discount every month to its customers.

You can also subscribe to an ad-free version of Hulu with this bundle, even if the ad version comes in the default package.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

The cost of a Disney Plus subscription is as follows:

  • $7.99 for a monthly subscription
  • $13.99 for Disney+ bundle (includes Hulu and ESPN+)
  •  $79.99 for a yearly subscription

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access provides its subscribers with the privilege to stream any movie the same day as its theatrical release. The advantage of Premier Access is that you won’t have to stand in a long queue outside the cinema and can watch your favorite movie from the comfort of your own home.

However, the movie that has just been made available on Premier Acess will not remain permanently. Usually, after three months, those movies are moved to the main Disney+ platform where it is then available for free for other subscribers

How Much Does Disney Plus Premier Access Cost?

Disney Plus Premier Access costs an additional $34.99 per movie. So let’s say you had paid $34.99 to watch the Black Widow on Premier Access; you will have to pay $34.99 again for another new release.

It is important to note that the charge is for one movie only. However, you can stream the same movie as many times as you want.

What Can You Watch If You Get a Disney Plus Free Trial?

If you belong to a region where Disney Plus is newly launched and offers a free trial, you are lucky because there is an extensive library that you can access and watch.

Housing all the major Marvel and Pixar movies, the classic Disney Channel shows, and Original movies, you are in for a treat. The following are some of the best shows and movies on Disney Plus for you to watch.

Best Movies

  • Black Widow (Premiered July 2021)
  • Cruella
  • Thor Ragnarok
  • Togo
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Luca
  • Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Mulan
  • Hamilton

Best Shows

  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog: Season 1 (September 2021 release)
  • What If..? (August 2021 release)
  • Turner & Hooch (July 2021 release)
  • Loki
  • WandaVision
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • High School Musical
  • The Simpsons
  • The Mandalorian
  • That’s so Raven


No, Disney Plus got rid of this feature in most of its regions except for Japan, which still offers a 31-day free trial.

Disney Plus offered a seven-day free trial when it was available. As of now, the offer is invalid. It may come back in the future.

You can proceed to sign in using that option and follow all the steps to make your account.

Disney Plus allows up to 4 simultaneous streams.

Yes, Disney Plus do have gift cards that are priced at $79.99 in the US.

Final Thoughts

It is quite clear now that Disney Plus is becoming popular, which is probably why the free trial is not there anymore. Since it already offers a subscription at the cheapest rates possible, a full monthly subscription is way better than the seven-day free trial.