Is Fortnite on Disney Plus? How to Get its Free Offer in 2022?

If you’re wondering whether you can get Fortnite Disney Plus free offer, we have the answer.

Disney+ is a sought-after streaming service that’s home to exclusive TV shows and movies from Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, and more. Despite having a lot to offer, a user can only access what’s available in their region. But here’s the good news, you can now unblock multiple Disney+ libraries using the best VPN.

Fortnite also expanded its relationship with Disney Plus, enabling the streaming app to pave the way for its players to continue enjoying its entertainment experiences. The act has added more value to Disney’s streaming platform.

Everyone needs something new. Especially when it comes to games, Fortnite players now have been engaged with better and free alternatives. From Thanos to the Marvel-themed season, Disney World keeps on getting better.

The Epic Games realized the need to have more content available; as such, they hooked up with Disney to deliver the two free months of Disney+ with Fortnite.

The offer was made available from Nov 10, 2020, at 7.00 PM Eastern Time, and players had a chance to use it to redeem their subscription after it went live through And after the offer went live, players had the opportunity to redeem their subscription.

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How do I get Fortnite Disney Plus for Free? Is it Still Available?

Fortnite Disney Plus offer is still available to those who made real-money purchases in Fortnite offer from Nov 6th@10Am ET onwards. Interestingly, those who bought V-bucks would have a chance to redeem them. With this, it becomes easier to redeem your subscription, which is possible only when you visit their website.

The collaboration happened as the Nexus War season was nearing the end. It gave viewers an excellent time to enjoy their favorite Marvel Studio movies and watch Mandalorians episodes.

The collaboration made Disney Plus stronger than ever, giving fans the chance to stream all their Marvel favorites, such as The Avengers and meeting The Mandarolian characters. And there could still be other goodies upcoming from the Disney and Fortnite team.

A Disney Plus Fortnite player can earn two months of Disney Plus for free. The deal shows there is still an existing good collaboration, and Disney will continue to enjoy the value-added features. In addition, it’s a way to ensure Disney Plus keeps on getting new users every time.

Such an offer is only available to any new Disney + subscriber aged 18 years and above.

On the other hand, it proved to be a perfect way for subscribers to enjoy their Marvel Studio movies. Besides these, subscribers enjoy Disney originals; Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar. In addition, with Fortnite, players enjoy Groot, Heroes, and other Marvel villains, which keep them hooked up.

Currently, the range of entertainment in Fortnite Disney Plus continues to expand. With players having the ability to develop a range of weapons and equipment, such as the Rift-To-Go, among others, they still continue to get loads of other new options.

Again, the issue of wondering where to keep such weapons has been sorted out with the availability of tents which can be placed anywhere- a good one for the arsenal of weapons.

Can I Get the Fortnite Disney Plus Offer from Anywhere?

Fortnite Disney Plus offer is not available everywhere. However, the offer is available in these countries: Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Canada, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, U.S, U.K, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, and the Philippines.

Countries where the offer is unavailable, include Japan, France, Korea, Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Turkey.

What was Disney Plus Fortnite Offer?

Disney Plus was launched in Nov 2019. It made a partnership with Fortnite, a free-to-play game world with various game modes, as a way to attract new subscribers. The collaboration made it easy for players to enjoy the Disney Plus Fortnite offer on Roku and other game consoles. 

A subscriber was only required to visit the redemption website after their Fortnite real-money purchase. It’s worth noting that the offer was limited to one code for every account. With this, one received up to two months of service for their new Disney Plus subscription.

In an effort to keep the subscribers tuned in, Epic Games introduced the Fortnite Disney Plus promotion to anyone who made Fortnite in-game purchases. This made it easy for those who bought anything in the game to be eligible for two months’ free Fortnite Disney Plus offer. And after the period ended, this lured one into signing up for the plan to continue enjoying Fortnite with Disney Plus.

How do I Claim free Disney Plus with Fortnite?

If you are looking forward to learning how to claim your Disney Plus Fortnite Offer, here is the deal.

You need to go to From thereon, follow the steps provided to have your Disney Plus offer redeemed. Remember that you can only use one code per Fortnite account, and when such an offer ends, then charges to the standard monthly rate for anyone who has subscribed to a Disney Plus subscription apply.

If you don’t desire to have it renewed, you can cancel the subscription any time you wish.

However, anyone who has already subscribed to Disney may not be eligible for the offer. So again, even the purchases made using V-bucks will still not qualify for the offer.

To get the offer, any new Disney Plus subscriber will have to set up a new Disney Plus account, which later gets you to the Disney Plus subscription.


Yes, Fortnite is on Disney Plus. Any new subscriber has a chance to get a 2 months free trial. Again, anyone who purchased V-Bucks or made real money purchases in Fortnite from Nov 6 at @10 am ET still have the chance to enjoy the offer and redeem their subscription once they visit the provided website.

Yes. After Disney’s collaboration with Epic, they decided to extend this with the new offer. Fortnite teamed up with Disney to give players 2 months of Disney Plus Fortnite subscription free. This is only for those who bought something on Fortnite using real money in an attempt to attract new subscribers.

You can cancel your Disney+ Fortnite offer at any time. Once you cancel, you can continue using your membership until the end of the current billing period.
However, the cancellation process may depend on what platform you signed up for your Disney Plus membership, where each platform operates under its own unique policies for cancellation.

To connect Fortnite to Disney Plus, go to the link, sign in to your account, and click on the redeem button.
You will be directed to enter your email. Once through, scroll down, click on the Agree & continue. You will be asked to create an account; you will be asked for your payment details to ensure your information is correct.
Once through, enjoy your streaming on Disney Plus. Remember that the offer is only available to 18+years of age and specific countries. If you have issues creating your Disney+ account, you can seek Disney Plus Fortnite customer support guidance.
If below this age, you can have your parent or guardian do this for you as it requires a payment source. And make sure your parents cancel it before the period of two months ends.

To activate free Disney+ with Fortnite, you need to visit You get two months to watch or rewatch your Marvel Studio movies. You may be able to activate the offer if you currently can’t access your Disney+ Fortnite subscription.
Again, if you had canceled your Disney Plus subscription and have some time left, you still may have issues while trying to activate it.
It makes sense to get your 2-month free offer of Disney Plus Fortnite and then cancel it immediately to activate it to ensure you don’t get charged; this way, you will not have to worry about whether you will find your subscription renewed and be able to enjoy the promotion.

The Epic games are collaborating with the Disney Animation team to produce a Fornite animation series for Disney+.


Nothing beats watching the exclusive TV shows and best movies available on Disney. A perfect way for those who choose Fortnite with Disney Plus. You get to see Hamilton, The Mandalorians, Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic, and other animated films such as the Seven Dwarfs, the Jungle Book, and Snow White.

Players continue to enjoy several deals, and even now, you can get loads of opportunities to grab free items on Fortnite or even get Fortnite V-Bucks to help unlock the latest cosmetics contained in the battle royale game.

Fortnite brought The Legends, great villains such as Groot, among other popular games loved by fans worldwide.

The Fortnite Disney Plus offers more than you could ask for. And if you are not interested after the 2 months trial, you can cancel your subscription to avoid being charged once the offer ends. A good way to ensure your life and your friends or family will never run dry of entertainment.