How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 [Sept 2021 Update]

Want to know why are you getting Disney Plus Error code 83? We will share with you the causes and the quick fixes too!
With the exceptional streaming service that Disney+ provides when we are having a family night or simply binge-watching alone, there are times when the streaming gets disrupted.

These disruptions can be due to several reasons and errors. However, the most common of those errors is Disney Plus Error code 83. This error code is not just standing in one region; it can appear in any region.

Whether it is Disney Plus Australia, Disney+ Malaysia, Disney Plus Germany, or Disney+ Canada, any region can get the same error.
Let us find out what Error code 83 is or quickly get to the fixes!

What is Disney Plus Error code 83?

If you go through Disney Plus Help Center, it states that it could be a compatibility issue with your device, issues with your connection or account. So though Error code 83 may not appear solely for one reason, at least we got to know the possible causes.
Further in this post, we have elaborated on the reasons behind this error.

What Causes Disney+ Error code 83?

Following is the list of causes of Disney+ Error code 83:

Error 83 Cause no.1- Device Compatibility

The foremost thing is to check before anything else, i.e., the compatibility of your device with Disney Plus. If you are using an incompatible device to sign in to Disney+, Error code 83 will appear.

Though Disney Plus is compatible with most devices, you never know if you have the compatible Operating Software Version on your device or not. So let’s quickly have a look at the usual devices used for streaming Disney+:

● Roku ( learn more: how to watch Disney Plus on Roku)
● Xbox ( learn more: how to watch Disney Plus on Xbox)
● PS4 ( learn more: how to watch Disney Plus on Ps4)
● Chromecast ( learn more: how to watch Disney Plus on Chromecast)
● Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony,Vizio, TCL & LG)
● Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV stick
● iPhones, Apple TVs & iPads
● Kodi

What happens is that Disney+ performs a compatibility check commonly knows as DRM Check. If your device fails this check, then you will see Error code 83. Disney Plus performs this check before streaming any content, so check your device compatibility!

Error 83 Cause no.2- Connectivity Issue

Connectivity issue is one of the primary factors of Error code 83. However, it can be subdivided into two topics further:

1. Your Internet Connectivity Issue:

Your Internet connection can be causing Error 83, possibly because of instability. For example, the signals may be dropping, which results in the interruption of the stream.
Not enough bandwidth on your internet connectivity can impact it, especially during high peak times when the traffic on the internet in your region is high; the distribution of bandwidth on your server can influence your stream.

2. Disney Plus Servers Issue:

If your internet connection may not appear to be the issue, there is a chance that Disney Plus servers may be experiencing some technical problems. These technical problems can result from the server being in maintenance mode, or the traffic in the Disney+ server may be high for it to respond quicker. It can also be a temporary glitch that can cause Error code 83.

Disney Plus Error codes reported by users

You can check Disney+ Server is on a timeout or not on Downdetector. Moreover, it gives you the option to see the server status in numerous countries as shown in the image above. In this way, you will find out if the Disney Plus server is down or not.

3. Hotspot Connectivity:

If you are amongst those who will see their favorite TV show or movie as soon as it is live on Disney+ and end up using either a hotspot or a data package streaming, you’re in for a rough ride. Streaming Disney Plus on a hotspot or a data package will result in your stream buffering; the video quality may deteriorate in intervals causing Error code 83.

Error 83 Cause no.3- Browser Compatibility Issue

Besides devices, a compatibility issue may arise on your web browsers too. For example, if you try to stream Disney+ on a web browser that is not compatible, Disney Plus Error code 83 will appear.

Just like devices, a lot of people used different web browsers for streaming. Some of the browsers that subscribers use are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • UR Browser

For instance, Chrome, version 75 and higher, is usually fine for streaming. But, if you have a version lower than 75, then it will cause error code 83.

How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error code 83?

Now that we have found out the possible causes of Disney Plus Error code 83, let’s quickly get to the fixes:

Error 83 Fix no.1- Device Restart

You may laugh at “device restart” as the fixed number one, but it is, in fact, the easiest and the quickest fix of Error code 83 in some cases, at least.
All you need to do is simply restart your device, whether your TV, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop. Close all your apps, including your VPN, and do a device restart.

Error 83 Fix no.2- Disney+ App Update

There are times when Error code 83 may pop up because of the Disney Plus App not being updated. Therefore, the device you use must have an updated Disney+ App.

Every Smart Phone has its own dedicated App Store where the updates may appear. For instance, if you are using iOS, check your App Store. Similarly, for Android devices, you can check Play Store.

For Smart TVs, the process is much the same. So, for instance, if you have an LG Smart TV, you can go to the LG Content Store, but for other Smart TVs, you may have to go and select Disney+ App specifically.

Find out more: How to watch Disney+ on Smart TV

Error 83 Fix no.3- Delete And Re-install Disney+ App

In cases where updating the Disney+ App does not work, you can try this fix. Try to delete the app and re-install it.
It is vital to ensure that you don’t just delete the app’s shortcut or only remove it from the display screen. You need to delete the app properly to re-install it in the right way.

Deleting the Disney+ App is a different process on every device, be it Smart TV or Smart Phone. For example, deleting the app on an iPhone differs from deleting the app on a Samsung smartphone. Make sure the uninstallation is done correctly and then re-installing it won’t have a hassle.

Error 83 Fix no.3- Firmware Update

If you’re wondering that how am I getting Error code 83 again when I just updated my Disney+ App? The answer is your device’s firmware may need an update too!
It means that you have downloaded the Disney+ App on a device that has an older operating system. Unfortunately, the older operating system of your device can be incompatible with Disney Plus.

All you need to do is check for a software update for your device. Like we mentioned above, the option of updating your firmware will be located under a different panel on different devices. Once you find an available update waiting to be installed, we suggest you do it quickly, and Error code 83 won’t pop up.

Other Disney Plus Error codes:

There are plenty of other error codes that you may come across. Some of those are mentioned below:

  • Disney+ error code 75 – Issues with exceeding four simultaneous device connections
  • Disney+ error code 73 – Issues with location or content availability
  • Disney+ error code 43 – Issues with login or internet connection
  • Disney+ error code 42 – Issues with internet connectivity
  • Disney+ error code 39 – Issues with streaming on Xbox One
  • Disney+ error code 30 – Issues with adding a new account
  • Disney+ error code 6 – Issues with your login email id or password


A way to fix Disney Plus error code 86 is to check if you can update your information in the account. If you cannot do that, then contact the customer support of Disney Plus at, and they will tell help you figure a way out.
Error code 86 appears when Disney+ blocks your account for some reason, or you may have performed an activity that does not abide by the terms and conditions of Disney Plus.

There are several reasons of getting an error on Disney Plus. For example, problems with your internet could cause the error, issues with Disney+ servers, incompatible device, outdated firmware or the Disney+ App itself – not updated.
To find out how to fix an error on Disney Plus, refer to our post “Disney Plus not Working.”

There are several ways to fix Disney Plus Error code 38:
Restart your Disney Plus App.
Restart your modem and device with an interval of a minute in between power off and restart.
Ensure your device time is set to automatic.


Disney Plus Error code 83 mainly appears when there are internet, server, or compatibility (devices & browsers) problems. The fixes mentioned above are more straightforward and should fix this error. By the end of the post, your Disney+ will be fixed, and you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies.