How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 in Easy Steps [Updated]

Disney Plus Error Code 39 has created a lot of stir with the gamers. For those who like to browse Disney+ on their gaming consoles like Xbox, you may encounter Disney Plus support Error Code 39. Now, if you are wondering what this error code is and how I fix it, you are at the right place!

Although there are various reasons why is your Disney Plus not working, you can always find out what is Error Code 39 on Disney Plus from the official Help Center. Whenever you get this Error Code, the following message will appear on your screen:

“We’re sorry, we cannot play the video requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).”

If you cannot stream due to Error Code 39 in countries where Disney+ is officially not available, like Disney Plus Philippines or Disney Plus South Africa, let us tell you that geo-restriction is not the reason for this Error.

The same support Error code can appear in Disney Plus Malaysia, Disney Plus Mexico, and other countries like Disney Plus Australia. In fact, this Error Code can also be encountered while you are streaming Hotstar in the USA too! Let us quickly look at what causes Disney+ Error Code 39 and how to fix it.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is caused due support issues and can occur due to temporary data being corrupted, possible failure of copy-protection check, passively generated temporary files, in-game capture settings of your gaming console, or possibly because of the HDMI splitter. Let us understand the causes in depth further.

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 39?

Following are the reasons that could potentially cause Disney+ Error Code 39:

  1. Temporary data corruption
  2. Failed copy-protection check
  3. Passively generated temporary files
  4. In-game capture settings
  5. Issues with HDMI splitter

1. Temporary Data Corruption Issue & How to Fix it?

This means that the temp folder on your device may have corrupted data in it. The storage of such corrupted data in your gaming console or device’s temp folder may cause Error Code 39.

How to Fix Temp Data Corruption Issue

The easiest way to fix the corrupted files in the temp folder is to uninstall the Disney+ app, restart your device and reinstall the Disney+ app back.

2. Failed Copy Protection Issue & How to Fix it?

The copy protection check failure can halt you from streaming Disney Plus, especially if your device or gaming console has been idle for long periods. In such cases, once you resume streaming Disney+ app fails to perform a copy-protection check. This copy protection check failure can not only happen on your gaming consoles, for instance, when you are trying to browse Disney+ on Xbox or PS4, but it can also occur when you try to browse Disney Plus on Smart TV when you’re trying to access Disney Plus on Roku.

How to Fix Copy-Protection Check Issue

The quickest way to fix the copy-protection check issue is simply restarting your device. Please make sure the interval between turning your device off and switching it back on must be at least 20 to 30 seconds.

3. Passive Temp Data Issue & How to Fix it?

While you stream Disney+, quite often, it generates temp data. The traces of those temp files on your gaming console can hinder your streaming. Besides this, these temp files take up storage space and can cause buffering issues too!

How to Fix Disney+ Generated Temp Data

The way to get rid of the traces of such temp files is by switching off your gaming console, waiting for 20 to 30 seconds, and restarting it.

4. In-Game Capture Settings Issue & How to Fix it?

Another reason why you may encounter Error 39 is your in-capture settings. What happens with this setting is that the gameplay of your gaming consoles gets recorded. With Disney+’s strong digital rights management protection measure Disney+, your video may not get displayed.

How to Fix In-Game Capture Settings

The only way to resolve this is to switch off the in-game capture settings. Once you have done that, restart your gaming console, and you should be good to go.

5. HDMI Splitter Issue & How to Fix it?

When you use a splitter to connect your device to a projector, Error Code 39 may appear. This could be caused because Disney+ uses a copyright protection code in the HDMI signal that passes from the gaming console to the output device. Hence, using an HDMI splitter may bring your streaming to a halt.

How to Fix HDMI Splitter Issue

To fix the HDMI splitter issue, use your console without the HDMI splitter. Using it without the HDMI splitter is the only fix that can help sort this issue.

Other Common Ways to Fix Disney+ Error Code 39

Here are some other ways that can help you fix Disney Plus Error Code 39:

  • Try to reload the video you are trying to stream on your device. This applies to all gaming consoles, including Xbox, PS4, and Android or iOS devices.
  • Try to stream the same video on another device to see if it works. In most cases, Error Code 39 occurs in Xbox devices. Hence Disney+ should work fine on any other device.
  • If you were streaming Disney Plus on your Smart TV and encountered this Error, try switching the HDMI port of your Smart TV and ensure you are using a standard HDMI cable that has the same connectors at both ends.
  • Another solution is to uninstall the Disney+ app and switch your device off for a few seconds. Restart your device and reinstall the Disney+ app.
  • The last resort for Xbox users is to factory reset the Xbox console. An important reminder is to make sure to select the option of “Reset and keep my games & apps” to avoid losing any data.

Other Disney Plus Error Codes

Several other error codes can be encountered during Disney Plus streaming. Some of the most common ones are mentioned as under:

  • Disney+ Error Code 83Device compatibility issue
  • Disney+ Error Code 75 – Exceeding 4 concurrent device connections limit
  • Disney+ Error Code 73 Location mismatch or content availability
  • Disney+ Error Code 24Login or internet connectivity issue
  • Disney+ Error Code 42 – Problems with internet or Wi-Fi connection
  • Disney+ Error Code 36 – Occurs when you try to access geo-blocked content
  • Disney+ Error Code 31 – Issues with location mismatch

For those having location mismatch or geo-restriction issues, make sure you are using a premium a VPN app or connected to the server in a country that has Disney Plus officially available

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You may be getting Disney Plus errors for various reasons. Some of the reasons include device compatibility issues, Wi-Fi network issues, and support issues of Disney Plus with your streaming device. We suggest figuring out the particular error code and looking up fixes specific to that error code.

Here are four easy fixes of network errors on Disney Plus:

  • Run a speed test to determine if the network error is due to slow internet speed.
  • Please turn off your Wi-Fi router for a few seconds, and restart it.
  • You can restart your streaming device whether it is iOS, Android, Smart TV, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, or any other device.
  • Un-install the Disney+ app and reinstall it may also help.

You can fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 by following the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure your internet speed is optimal.
  • Sign out and sign back into Disney Plus.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.
  • Install updates for your Wi-Fi router if available.
  • Cross-check the DNS settings of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Delete any web browser cache.
  • Disconnect devices that consume more bandwidth.


Disney Plus Error Code 39 is mainly related to the Xbox one or any compatible Xbox series user. Though it occurs mostly in gaming consoles, you can encounter the same Error Code when streaming Disney Plus on your Smart TV or even a projector. With our in-depth fixes mentioned above, we are sure you will resolve this Error and continue to watch your favourite movies on Disney+ hassle-free.