How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada[Updated]

Disney+ Error Code 401

 Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada occurs when you need to clear your cache and data. Often, the cache or data may get corrupted over time and prevent other apps from working properly. There are various ways to fix it such as restarting your Disney+ Canada app and streaming device or simply updating both. To know more, continue reading.

Have you ever come across error code 401 when using Disney Plus in Canada? You’re not alone.

Lately, many Disney+ Canada subscribers have complained of the same issue. We understand how annoying this can be, especially when you’re in the middle of your comedy or documentary.

No one wants their bingeing time wasted. Given the fact that there are many ways to solve the error issue, trying to fix it without correct information makes matters worse. You have to first understand what it is and why it happens, before taking any step further.

In this article, we have all that you need to know. Also, we have stipulated ways in which you can fix Disney Plus error code 401 in Canada right below.

Easy Steps to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401 Quickly in Canada [Updated]

If you’re wondering how to fix error code 401 Disney Plus, there are six guaranteed ways to do this. They include:

  1. How to fix Disney Plus Canada & Roku servers issue
  2. How to fix device compatibility issues
  3. How to fix internet connectivity issues
  4. How to fix device cache issues
  5. How to fix Roku device issues
  6. How to fix Disney Plus app issues

We’ve also highlighted other Disney Plus error codes in Canada you may face while browsing and streaming Disney Plus Canada.

What is Error 401 on Disney Plus in Canada?

Error Code 401 on Disney Plus in Canada restricts its subscribers from using its services, or rather, it’s an interruption that takes place in the middle of your streaming. Once you receive such an error, this indicates that your user request has not been granted and you can no longer continue using Disney Plus in Canada.

Generally, there is no definite answer to the meaning of the error since the company itself has not declared any official statement on the same.

However, some users argue that the issue could result from the overloading of the channel. When too many viewers get to streaming, this causes overload that gets servers down.

Hopefully, now you know what is error 401 on Disney Plus in Canada all about!

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 401 in Canada?

Disney+ Error Code 401 is caused by multiple reasons but the most prominent one is the server issue in Canada.

Disney plus Canada unexpected error 401 occurs when you’re busy watching your hearty content. As a subscriber, it becomes hard to determine the cause of such an error. However, now that we’ve informed you it’s related to server issues, you can go about your way troubleshooting the problem.

A good number of Disney subscribers in Canada have constantly complained of the error, especially when in the middle of any of the Marvel shows. It’s very frustrating!

1. Problems with Disney Plus  Canada & Roku Servers & How to Fix it?

One common occurrence of Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada is for Roku users. A good number of Roku users complain about being unable to access Disney Plus in Canada despite them being avid Disney Plus Canada customers.

If you were streaming a movie on your Roku TV and suddenly, your screen went black and an error window popped up, this is all about Disney plus status 401 reasons unexpected error. Here is what to do next time this happens.

  • Restart your device. Restarting is one of the first fixes known to curb error codes. Besides, it helps your Roku device speed up its performance.
  • Check whether your Roku device is compatible with Disney Plus.
  • Check your web and internet connection.
  • Watch another movie or show. It’s likely to have some content titles display Disney Plus error code 401. If this happens, try watching another show or movie to see if the issue persists.
  • Log out and then log in to your Disney Plus Canada account. It could be that there are bugs hindering the proper functioning of the app. Do the same for your Roku device and then check whether the issue persists.
  • Update your Disney Plus Canada app and your Roku device.
  • If you try the above solutions and Roku Disney Plus error 401 persists, contact Disney Plus Help Center.

Quick Fixes of Disney Plus Canada Server Issue

Check Disney Plus servers. If servers have issues, it’s more likely you will receive an error message on your app. It would pay to first check if your Disney Plus Error Code could be a result of Disney Plus Canada server issues.

Below is how you can fix the server issues.

  • Check Disney Plus Canada servers: The first step would be to determine whether your Disney servers are down. You can use a third-party status checker such as Downdetector that collects information and detects such issues. Interestingly, this offers a direction to show where the issue is emanating from, whether it’s local or widespread.
  • You can also visit the Disney+ Twitter account to see if other users are experiencing the same problem.
  • If the servers are not down, check your Roku servers, again you can use Downdetector.

2. Problems with Device Compatibility & How to Fix it?

Even with the fact that newer devices are getting into the market, some users still get issues with device compatibility with the apps in use.

For instance, Disney Plus in Canada may not be compatible with the device you are using to stream the app. When this happens, one receives a Disney Plus error code 401 in Canada message when trying to install the device or stream on the app.

Not all Roku devices support Disney Plus in Canada. Most of the Roku TV models support the streaming app. But others such as Roku 2 HD models, and Roku 2 XS models are not compatible. In such a case, you can consider getting a supported device.

Quick Fixes of Device Compatibility Issues

  • Turn your device off and on; it could be the solution to your compatibility issue.
  • Check whether your device is compatible with the app you’re using. You can use another device to log in to your Disney app, to determine if your device has issues.
  • Go to firmware settings to confirm whether there are any updates available.
  • Delete and reinstall your Disney app.
  • If you still have issues, contact Disney Plus Canada support.

3. Internet Connection Issues and How to Fix it?

If your internet is down, it is more likely you will receive an error message. Weak internet is a major culprit when it comes to Disney Plus not working in Canada.

You can confirm whether you have the required speed which should be no less than 5Mbps by use of a speed test. If the speed is okay, try the below methods.

Quick Fixes for your Internet Issues

  • You can try disconnecting your internet connection on your device, wait for some time and connect again.
  • Check for internet outages. You can contact your Internet Service Provider or can get the information from websites such as Down Detector. Other users could have the same issues.
  • Sign out of your device and sign in again.
  • Restart your WIFI, modem, or router connection.
  • Check for loose cables or wires connected to your device.

4. Device Cache Issues and How to Fix them?

Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada, could be a result of a corrupt cache. The only best solution would be to clean up the app. The process depends on the device you’re using. To clear cache on Disney Plus Canada, here is what you need to do:

Quick Fixes for Device Cache Issues?

  • Open your device and go to Settings.
  • Click on Apps and scroll down on the list of apps installed on your device and locate Disney Plus.
  • Select Storage and move to Clear cache.

5. Problem with your Roku Device and How to Fix it?

There are several issues that could render a Roku error 401 when you’re using your Disney app in Canada. It’s not uncommon to have a Roku device or their Remotes stop working. And if you use any of the Roku devices to stream on Disney Plus, you have likely encountered such issues.

If you’re facing Roku Disney Plus error 401 in Canada try the below methods to fix the issues.

Quick Fixes of Roku Device Issues

  • Restart your Roku device; it could solve the issue instantly.


Restarting the Roku device.

  • Check for the software update: To update, go to Settings, then to System, and select Software Update. If updates are available, there will be an on-screen prompt for download.


Updating your Roku.

  • Reset your internet connection.
  • Check for distractions from obstacles. There should be a direct line of sight. Roku devices may stop working if the signal is blocked.
  • Clear your Roku device cache and cookies.
  • Perform a factory reset. Note that this erases all the settings and data saved on your device.


Factory Reset your Roku device.


6. Problem with your Disney Plus Canada App and How to Fix it?

In Canada, your Disney Plus app may stop working due to several reasons. One specific error that occurs is Disney Plus error code 401 which suggests that your Disney Plus app has issues in Canada. But these can be solved with the below methods.

Quick Fixes for your Disney Plus App Issues in Canada

  • Restart the Disney Plus app.
  • Check on your internet connection, the speed should go below 5Mbps.
  • Disconnect your device from the internet and wait for some time.
  • Check whether the Disney Plus Canada servers are down.
  • Update your Disney Plus Canada app. Go to the App Store on your home screen, and select settings, you will be able to access the list of all apps that need updates. Locate Disney Plus and if an update is available, you will be promoted for the download.
  • Clear cache and data.
  • Delete and reinstall the Disney Plus Canada app.
  • If the problem persists, contact Disney Plus.

Other Disney Plus Error Codes in Canada

Other than Disney Plus error code 401 in Canada, several other errors can ruin your streaming, especially if you’re not aware of such errors and what causes them.

Below are some Disney Plus error codes in Canada that have been experienced by users in Canada.


To fix Disney Plus error code 6 in Canada, you’ll have to be careful while typing in your personal details. For instance, when you try creating a Disney Plus account and receive this message

“Sorry, we are having trouble creating your account”, it means you entered the wrong information.

You may have given an invalid email address with a weak password. Fixing the error is pretty easy as you only need to follow Disney plus account creation instructions. Here is how to fix the issues:

  • Check whether you have typed your email address correctly.
  • Input a password that has at least 6 characters with a combination of numbers or a special symbol.
  • If you still have issues, contact Disney Plus Help Center.

To fix Disney Plus error code 30 in Canada, follow these tactics:

  • Check whether you have reached the limit of 10 devices. If so, you can log into Disney Plus using another device.
  • Try to link your device again.
  • Once linked, log in to your Disney account to see if your device has been added.

To fix Disney+ error code 36, try these tactics:

  • After some time, try to watch the content that failed to load.
  • Switch off your device and see if the problem persists.
  • Try using a VPN, and connect to another country to see if the content is available there.

To fix the Disney Plus network error in Canada, follow these tactics:

  • Open the Dsiney+ app, and clear your cache and data from your app.
  • Sign out from the Disney Plus account on all devices.
  • Sign in again.
  • If it did not work, delete the Disney+ app from your device.
  • Download the app again, and log in again on your Disney+ account.


Disney Plus is a common streaming app in Canada used by most people who want a seamless streaming experience. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no issues that make users experience unexpected hitches while watching their content.

One common error that happened to many users on the Disney Plus app is the Disney Plus Error Code 401 in Canada. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this, and other errors that may arise. And one can again enjoy streaming their favorite content.