How to Watch Disney Plus NZ in 2021

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Worried about how you’ll survive without your favorite shows on Disney Plus NZ while traveling abroad? Well, I believe we just sorted that out for you. 

That’s right; this blog will guide you through the nits and bits on Disney+ NZ from anywhere, using a VPN

As of now, Disney+ is available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, India, Indonesia

While the chances of expansion is a likely possibility, the majority of the countries are still on a waiting list. And the people of those countries won’t be able to access Disney Plus libraries because of the robust geo-restriction technology applied to it. 

That is the reason when we try to access Disney+ from a blocked region; we get to see a location error. 

Disney Plus geo-restriction error

It is a shame to waste away your Disney Plus NZ subscription while traveling. Thankfully, a VPN is what saves you here. It allows you to unblock content from anywhere around the world, follow the steps below for that;

Easy Steps: How to Watch Disney Plus NZ with a VPN 

Listed below are the steps that will help you watch Disney Plus NZ in 2021:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable and strong VPN. (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation)
  2. Download and install the app, and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a New Zealand server from the countries listed
  4. Visit Disney+ website and log into your account to enjoy!

Disclaimer: It is essential for you to understand that you need to have a subscription account for Disney+ for this method. You might access the site, but you won’t be able to watch paid Disney streaming NZ content for you. A VPN only unblocks the site, to view the content, you need to buy the subscription, if you are still unfamiliar with this, head over to Best Disney Plus VPN guide  for an in-depth understanding.

How VPN Allows You to Access Disney Plus NZ

The internet is based on an IP address that identifies your location, streaming sites like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu tracks that IP address and take actions according to your region. If they have no distribution rights there, the site is banned for the user. 

The same is the case with Disney+ in most countries around the world, so you need an IP address of a region where Disney Plus is available. 

This is where a VPN steps in, it masks your IP address with the one from New Zealand, manipulating the system into thinking that you are in New Zealand when you’re not. This lets you access restricted sites like Disney+ or open up the NZ Netflix list from anywhere. 

Keeping in mind that not all VPNs, especially the free ones, perform well in unblocking content. So we tested it out ourselves, so you don’t have to, and list the best VPNs that work for Disney Plus. 

Best VPN for Disney Plus New Zealand in 2021

Listed below are the Top 3 VPN services that work best with Disney+ NZ.

1. ExpressVPN: Vast Server Library for Streaming Disney Plus NZ

ExpressVPN has proved to be the top VPN with its rapid speed and connection. With a server bank of over 3000 in 90+ countries, ExpressVPN vows to by-pass any geo-restrictions that block regions where Disney Plus NZ is not accessible. With that, it provides you with an interruption-free streaming experience of your favorite shows and movies.

ExpressVPN vows to safeguard your privacy while you enjoy watching Disney Plus NZ by providing a world-class encryption service. It will keep you and the 5 devices it allows safe from malicious content on the web. While it is quite expensive, ExpressVPN provides a 30-Day money-back guarantee. 

2. Surfshark: Best VPN to watch Disney+ New Zealand

Surfshark is amongst the most affordable VPN, with over 3200+ servers in 63 Countries so that you get to watch your favorite shows on Disney Plus NZ from anywhere. It is extremely budget-friendly, and the best part is its 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Moreover, Surfshark offers unlimited connections on multiple devices from a single account, ensuring entertainment for you and your family while safeguarding your online footprint. It is compatible with all devices and software like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV, Apple TV, and even routers.

3. PureVPN: Most Affordable VPN to Unlock Disney+ NZ

PureVPN is known for its vast server library of over 6500 in 140+ countries. It offers a separate browser extension for Disney+, enabling you to watch Disney Plus NZ content in any region. Moreover, PureVPN has a separate streaming mode that is designed exclusively to improve your streaming experience.

Apart from that, PureVPN offers an extremely strong 256-bit encryption that is considered to be the strongest currently. While it can enable up to 10 multi logins on a single subscription so all your devices are secure. PureVPN comes with an extremely affordable package and a 31-day money-back guarantee for its customers.  

How to Watch Disney Plus (US Version) in NZ

While Disney Plus NZ offers a variety of content from its set library, many shows seem to be missing and can only be found in the US library of Disney Plus. 

As the US is the primary location, all the popular and famous shows launch there first, if not globally. And to ensure that you won’t miss those shows at any cost, you can always use a VPN. By connecting to any server from the US, you can unlock numerous movies and TV shows not available on Disney Plus NZ. 

Some of the best VPNs that can help you connect to servers from the US are;

  1. Express VPN: Best VPN to watch Disney Plus. Vast Server Library to Stream Disney Plus offers up to 22 servers in the US, which quickly unlocks content from the US library.
  2. Surfshark: Pocket-friendly Disney Plus VPN, it has 24 server locations in the US and provides connection within seconds, and unblock the content library for Disney Plus US.
  3. PureVPN: Most reliable VPN for Disney Plus, with servers in over 15 locations within the US, you can watch movies from Disney Plus US at an affordable price.

What Can I watch on Disney+ NZ

If you are clueless about what to watch on Disney+ New Zealand, then the list below of the top movies and TV shows might save you from browsing aimlessly on the Disney plus NZ app or website. 

Best TV Shows

  1. The Mandalorian
  2. Gravity Falls
  3. The Imagineering Story
  4. The Simpsons
  5. The Incredible Dr. Pol
  6. So Weird
  7. X-Men: The Animated Series
  8. Spider-Man: The Animated Series
  9. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
  10. Brain Games

Best Movies

  1. Live-Action Mulan
  2. The Greatest Showman
  3. Disney’s Newsies the Broadway Musical 
  4. The Lion King (1994
  5.  Avengers: Endgame
  6.  WALL-E 
  7.  Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
  8.  Toy Story 

How much does Disney Plus NZ Cost?

The subscription for Disney+ NZ is priced at NZ$ 9.99/month, while the yearly subscription is for NZ$ 99.99/year ($8.99/month). Everything is available on both the packages content-wise. 

You can also subscribe to a Disney Plus Bundle for $12.99 which includes full subscription of Disney Plus, Hulu (with ads) and ESPN+.


Is Disney plus available in NZ?

Yes, Disney+ started service in New Zealand in November 2019 and has been active to-date.  

How many devices can you have on Disney plus NZ?

You can use Disney plus NZ on 4 devices simultaneously on a single account. You can also download content for later on up to 10 selected devices. 

How do I get Disney plus on my smart TV NZ?

If you own a smart TV and want to set up Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV or just a smart TV, you need to sign in on your Disney+ account. Visit the Home Screen of your smart tv. Now access new apps by scrolling left and selecting the option for recent apps that will take you to the app store. Select the Disney+ app title and install it by clicking Add to Home. Once completed, log into your credentials and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on your flat screen. 


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