How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 [Updated]

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Don’t know how to stream Disney+ on PS4 abroad? If yes, then this blog for you. In this guide, I will provide super simple steps to watch Disney Plus on PS4 from anywhere via a VPN. So without any further delay, let’s dive in:

As of now, Disney+ is available in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, India, Ireland, and Puerto Rico.

This is why, when you try to access Disney+ on your PS4 other than the mentioned above countries, the following geo-restriction error will appear on your screen:

“Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.”

Disney Plus geo-restriction error

But you can still access Disney+ on PS4 in an unsupported country with the help of a VPN. Here is how you can do it:

Quick Steps: How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 from Anywhere via VPN

Follow these simple steps to watch Disney Plus on PS4 from anywhere via VPN:

Set Up Smart DNS

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN (As of now, Surfshark is the best Disney Plus VPN).
  2. Now head to the Surfshark website and log-in with your account credentials.
  3. Once you are logged in, go to “My Account Page.”
  4. In “Account Page,” you will see “Smart DNS box“> click Activate to enable it.
  5. Check your email inbox, you will get a confirmation email.
  6. Once smart DNS is activated, now its time to set up it on PS4.

Set Up Smart DNS on PS4 and Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere

  1. Launch PS4 and go to the “Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Network” and then select “Set Up Internet Connection.”
  3. Now select “LAN” or “Wi-Fi” based on what type of internet connection you are using.
  4. Now select the “Custom” option and then select “Automatic” for “IP address Settings.
  5. Select the “Do not Specify” option and then select the “Manual” option.
  6. Now select “Primary DNS.” Here you need to enter the “Smart DNS” address. You can find this address in your profile by signing in to your Surfshark account via its official website. Note: Make sure that you select the US as a country while setting up.
  7. Now enter the address and select the “Done” option.
  8. From here, select “Next” (You don’t need to change secondary DNS).
  9. Now select the “Automatic” option then select the “Do Not Use” option.
  10. Now select “Test Internet Connection.
  11. Congratulations, smart DNS is now set up on PS4, and now its time to download the Disney Plus app.
  12. Head to PlayStation Store.
  13. Now search for the Disney Plus app and install it.
  14. Once the Disney+ app is installed on your PS4 > launch the app and sign-in to your account.
  15. Now select your favorite content and enjoy without any hassle.

Note: Using a VPN service does not mean that you can watch Disney+ content free on PS4. A VPN only allows you to access the Disney Plus service in an unsupported country. This means you need a Disney Plus subscription if you want to watch on PS4 in an unsupported country. However, if you don’t know how to get Disney+ subscription in a country where the service is not available, then read my Disney Plus VPN guide.

How VPN’s Smart DNS Allows You to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 from Anywhere

In simple words, the internet service you are using contains your local IP address. And since Disney+ uses an IP tracking system to block all the users who try to access the content from an unsupported country because of content distribution policies.

This is where a VPN comes to rescue. By using a VPN Smart DNS feature, you can hide your local IP address and replace it with the one where the service is available such as the USA. Therefore, when you access Disney Plus on your PS4 via Smart DNS, it tricks the IP tracking system that you are residing somewhere in the USA and thus allows you to access the service.

What Can I Watch on Disney Plus on PS4?

Here is the list of top movies and TV shows that you can enjoy on Disney+:

  Best TV Shows

  1. The Mandolorian aka Baby Yoda show
  2. The Simpsons
  3. Star Wars Clone Wars
  4. Inhumans
  5. Forky Asks the Question
  6. That’s So Raven
  7. Even Stevens
  8. The World According t0 Jeff Goldblum
  9. Ultimate Spider-Man
  10. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Best Movies

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  2. Avengers
  3. Thor Ragnarok
  4. Togo
  5. Lady and the Tramp
  6. Iron Man: All Parts
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy: All Parts
  8. Bambi
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. Lilo & Stitch



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