Disney’s Mulan, Avatar, Star Wars among others Face Delay Amid COVID-19

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  • Last updated: April 14, 2022

Disney+ once again broke millions of hearts by further pushing back the release of the infamous live-action adaptation of Mulan. The delay came along with alarmingly high cases of Covid-19, which left Disney with no choice but to postpone Mulan’s theatrical release. 

Disney Plus Mulan

Initially, the movie release date was March 27. but after covid-19 cases rose in North America, the new date was July 24. The film was shelved again to be released on August 21. But the closure of cinema halls has further pushed it back indefinitely. 

The $200 budgeted movie is dependent on their theatrical release for their profit turn over, hence the delay. But fans have been anticipating the film for long now and demand an online version on their Disney Plus platform.

While along with Mulan, a series of movies have been delayed. The Avatar and the new installation of the Star Wars franchise are postpone for a good year. 

James Cameron Avatar

The Avatar director James Cameron penned down a heartfelt message for his fans upon the movie’s delay. 

Disney Plus has been delaying release as the cinema’s opening weeks are where the movies earn the most. And this would cost them a lot as the significant delay has come upon high-budgeted films. 

Tenet Disney Plus

Further in the list of delays is Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” which is under Warner Bros. The movie release is going to delay for an indefinite date. 

Production houses are playing around with the release dates until news of reopening cinema houses energies. While theaters in Los Angeles and New York remain close, it is nearly impossible for Disney and Warner Bros to release their films. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel’sFalcon and the Winter Soldier also sees a delay. It was set to release this August, but it is obvious as the movie is not present in the August list of Disney releases

Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow is set to release this November after their delay in May. As Corona-virus is still at its peak and the theater business down, this year might be the first since 2009, where no Marvel Cinematic Universe film will release.