Netflix Original “Lucifer” Resume Shooting for Season 5 Finale Post-Lockdown

  • Adina by Adina
  • Last updated: April 14, 2022

Netflix Lucifer

A Netflix original series, Lucifer, just got the green signal to film their season 5 finale episode from September 24th. 2020 was the year of disaster and lots of delays just as Disney+ made the release of Live-Action Mulan possible with their Premier Access service, after countless delays since March. 

Lucifer season 5 had to halt their otherwise smooth shooting schedule due to coronavirus lockdown. As most of the episodes were complete except for the last one, Netflix began streaming part one from August 21st. 


The shooting for the final episode will resume after a long break of nearly 6 months. Tagging along with it will be the recently confirmed season 6., which is presumably the last season of Lucifer

Mandalorian season 2 Disney Plus

Unlike others, luckily, few of the popular shows like Disney Plus Original series “The Mandalorian” wrapped up filming before the lockdown. Hence they were able to announce the premiere date on time, which is October 30th. 

Sadly it’s not the same with movies; numerous are facing a long delay of up to a year like Avatar. Heavy restrictions may not be there anymore, but working on a set will be challenging for all the crew. With social distancing the new norm, it will take longer than usual for crew members to finish their work turn-by-turn on the set.