How to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA

All Kdrama fans in the USA are looking for a way to know how to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA due to the streaming platform’s geographical restrictions and licensing policies. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Today, we’ll demonstrate how to use a premium Disney+ VPN to stream Big Mouth Korean Drama on Disney+ Hotstar.

After serving in the military, Lee, known for K-dramas like “W” and “While You Were Sleeping,” makes his small-screen comeback with the show. He most recently had a cameo appearance in “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One” from 2022.

To make sure you don’t miss this upcoming drama, read this blog and learn how to use a VPN:

What is Big Mouth Drama Release Date?

The Korean drama series “Big Mouth,” which stars Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-ah, will be available on Disny+ starting on July 29th.

How to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA? [Quick Steps]

You’ll need a trustworthy VPN service to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA. Following are some easy methods to stream Disney+ in USA:

  • Get a VPN subscription like ExpressVPN, renowned for its incredible unblocking capabilities and blazing-fast servers.
  • Download, install and log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to an Indian server.
  • Log into your account, go to the Disney+ Hotstar website, and search for the title.
  • Now from everywhere in the world, you may watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Big Mouth Korean Drama Plot

The dramatization of the series centres on a struggling attorney who becomes involved in a homicide investigation. He delves into a massive conspiracy involving the affluent upper classes to survive and protect his family.

Big Mouth Kdrama Trailer

The trailer begins with Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk of W) being pushed around by several clients, one of whom laments his lack of courtroom prowess.

His life, however, appears to take a dramatic turn after he is involved in a vehicle accident and ends up in jail, where he fights both inmates and jail guards. You can watch the trailer here:

Big Mouth Kdrama Cast

Big Mouth cast the following:

  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Im Yoon Ah
  • Yang Kyung Won
  • Kim Joo Heon
  • Ok Ja Yeon
  • Kwak Dong Yeon
  • Oh Eui Shik
  • Lee Yoo Joon
  • Kim Dong Won
  • Kim Sun Hwa
  • Kim Gyu Seon
  • Yang Hyung Wook
  • Park Se Hoon
  • Lee Seo AnIm Yoon-ah is the star of Big Mouth Korean drama actress.

Big Mouth Kdrama Genre

The genre of the upcoming drama, Big Mouth is Hardboiled Noir Legal Crime. It is a South Korean TV series created by Jang Young-chul Jung Kyung-soon and developed by Kim Ho-jun.

‘Big Mouth’ Main Poster

The main poster of the hit upcoming drama ‘Big Mouth’ is here:


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Why do you need a VPN to watch Big Mouth Korean drama on Disney Plus?

Like many other streaming services, Disney+ Hotstar uses a geo-blocking feature on its website to prevent users from accessing the service from locations where streaming is restricted.

The license agreements and copyright regulations that content providers and broadcasters apply to govern these geo-restrictions.

As a result, you will be unable to use the platform and receive Disney Plus Error Code 73 if you reside outside of Singapore and do not have access to Disney+ Hotstar.


Disney Plus is geo-restricted in many countries!

To view Disney+, you’ll need a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN. Newcomer from the US. Your IP address is simply hidden by a VPN and changed to one from the target nation. In our case, we connect the VPN to a Singapore server, allowing us to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA.

Where can I watch all seasons of Big Mouth?

You can watch all the seasons of Big Mouth on Disney Plus. The fans living in the USA will need a VPN subscription because the streaming platform is geo-restricted.

What is your review on the Korean drama ‘Big Mouth’? Is it worth watching?

The first episode was amazing, and I love a good vengeance story. It reminds me a lot of the excellent American drama Revenge and other dramas, but I’m up for it.

She is one of those insane b’s seeking retribution, and I will sign for it (half the reason is that it’s a Ye Jji drama, yes.) But let’s hope the authors don’t ruin it by giving her a stupid FL who drinks like in the display window. While watching episode 1, I had some unpleasant flashbacks.

I’m hoping this is both brilliant and insane. The most recent drama I liked was Secret 2013. I wish I could have some of the drama back because it was a rollercoaster. Bring back the drama in K-drama, please; no more blandness.


Yes, Big Mouth Kdrama will be available on July 29th on Disney Plus. The Korean drama series “Big Mouth,” which stars Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-ah, will be accessible in India via the streaming service Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch it from anywhere, including geo-restricted countries, with a premium VPN.

Jade Lovers is the next drama by Lee Jong Suk.

Im Yoon-ah plays Go Mi-ho, Chang-ho is a supportive wife and a nurse with a strong personality and exceptional beauty.

Wrapping it Up!

You will have access to whatever you require to watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in USA. Choose the best VPN for your requirements, such as ExpressVPN.Disney Plus Hotstar membership and a VPN are required to watch Big Mouth Kdrama.
Enjoy your streaming!