How to Watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus from Anywhere

Are you bummed that you cannot watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus outside South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia? Well, we know how it feels, and that is why we are here to provide you with a hack!

Snowdrop is set in 1987, where the protagonist Lim Soo-ho (played by Jung Hae-in) escapes North Korea’s prison and is helped by Eun Young-ro (played by Jisoo Kim) by giving him shelter in women’s university.

The series premiered on JTBC on 18th December 2021, and subsequently, it is available on Disney+ in select Asian regions, such as Disney Plus Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

We have a solution for you for those who don’t want to miss Snowdrop but reside outside these regions! All you need is a premium Disney Plus VPN and a Disney+ subscription to get you access.

How to Watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus from Anywhere with a VPN [Easy Steps]

Here are the easy steps mentioned below to help you watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus from anywhere:

  • Get a premium VPN subscription. (We suggest ExpressVPN for its buffer-free streaming!)
  • Install the VPN app on your streaming device, whether Android or iOS device.
  • Log in with your credentials, and connect to the South Korean server from the list of servers.
  • Once the VPN connection is established, sign in to Disney+ and watch Snowdrop buffer-free!

Note: The steps mentioned above will work, provided you have a valid Disney+ subscription. You can subscribe to either monthly or yearly subscriptions of Disney Plus. If you wonder about Disney Plus free trial or want to cancel Disney Plus old subscription, you can do that too and get a new package.

Best Disney Plus VPNs to Watch Snowdrop from Anywhere in 2022

We have tested over 50+ VPNs to summarize the three best Disney Plus VPNs to help you access Snowdrop from anywhere, including the US, UK, Canada, and other regions. Now you won’t have to worry about accessing Snowdrop on Disney Plus Mexico, Disney Plus Philippines, or even Hotstar in USA!

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus

ExpressVPN indeed is the best Disney Plus VPN to stream Snowdrop in the USA and other regions where it is not available. We say that because it provides buffer-free streaming with no or minimum server disconnections! Now, don’t we all prefer smooth streamin?

How does it do that? Well, thanks to its 3000+ servers across 94 counties and blazing browsing speeds of 92.26 Mbps and 89.45 Mbps for streaming.


All of this, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, 5 simultaneous connections to share with your friends and family at only $6.67/mo(Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!), is a pretty fair deal!

In fact, you can even use ExpressVPN to watch Simpsons Short on Disney Plus as well.

Unblock Snowdrop with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

2. Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to stream Snowdrop on Disney Plus

For users who are on a budget and looking for an affordable VPN option, Surfshark is a great choice at $2.49/mo(Get Surfshark Antivirus FREE & Save 81% on a 24-month subscription). It’s just not the price that makes it a good option, but its features include unlimited simultaneous streams, 88.48 Mbps download speeds, and good security features.surfshark-disney-speed-test

Additionally, the server network is spread across 65 countries with 3200+ servers you can connect to and a dedicated app for most devices with a 30-day refund policy; it’s pretty reasonable.

So, watching Disney Plus on Roku, Chromecast, or other Android or iOS devices won’t be an issue at all!


3. NordVPN: Fastest Disney Plus VPN to watch Snowdrop

Anyone who wants lightning speeds for streaming or browsing must consider getting NordVPN. The optimal speeds are attained due to the Wireguard servers that will save you from experiencing low connection speeds.

It provided us with a download speed of 86.49 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.

The server network of NordVPN is spread across 5500+ servers in 60 countries with 6 simultaneous connections, and a 30-day money-back guarantee with top-notch security features is something to look out for. It is reasonably priced at $3.49/mo(Avail 70% off & win extra time on a 2 year subscription).

Like other VPNs mentioned above, NordVPN also has dedicated apps for various devices. So, you can easily Disney Plus on firestick, Smart TV, and various other devices absolutely hassle-free.


How a VPN Allows you to Access Snowdrop on Disney+ from Anywhere?

Now that we know that Snowdrop is available on select Disney Plus regions, the streamers who will attempt to access it from other regions may encounter that Disney Plus is not working.


It could be due to Disney Plus Error Code 73, which implies that the Disney+ tracking system has determined that your IP address is of a country where Snowdrop is not available, and it will block your access.

What a premium VPN does is that it will camouflage your IP address, and the tracking system will think that you are trying to access the series from a region where it is available; in this case, let’s just say South Korea.

It is imperative to make sure you subscribe to a premium VPN that consists of servers from countries where your content is available. Hence ExpressVPN is the best choice!

On What Devices can I Watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is compatible with most devices, but here’s a rundown on a few of those devices that can be used to watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus:

  • Latest Smartphones with the latest operating software for both Android and iOS, iPads and tablets as well.
  • The latest web browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Mozilla, and UR browser.
  • Most recent versions of Smart TVs include Android TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TV.
  • Gaming consoles with the latest versions of Xbox and PS4 can watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus.
  • Various other devices include Google Chromecast, Roku devices, Firestick devices.

What to do if the Snowdrop on Disney Plus is not working?

There is a possibility that you may encounter streaming issues or Disney Plus errors when you try to access Snowdrop on Disney Plus. The problems during streaming can be caused by one of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Issues with the internet connection or your Wi-Fi router device.
  • The Disney Plus servers may be down, or the app may be having a problem.
  • VPN app may be having some server or app issues.
  • Your streaming device may be causing streaming problems.

You can try these quick fixes to get back to your buffer-free streaming:

  • Bring your Wi-Fi router closer to your device. Alternatively, restart your Wi-Fi device after turning it off for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • You can check for the downtime of Disney+ servers from the help center. If the Disney Plus servers are working just fine, try updating your Disney+ app if updates are available. Or simply delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Check for the VPN app updates, install them and restart your VPN app.
  • Similarly, your streaming device may be waiting for updated installation. Install the updates if any are available.

Everything About Snowdrop on Disney Plus

Snowdrop Release Date

The first season of K-Drama Snowdrop premiered on JTBC on 18th December 2021 after its controversy settled. Subsequently, it was also released on Disney Plus around the same time in select regions, including South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Disney Plus Malaysia.

Snowdrop Episodes

Season 1 of Snowdrop on Disney Plus consists of 16 episodes. The first episode was aired on 18th December 2021, while the last one will be aired on 5th February 2022.

Snowdrop Episode Release Date

Release date of individual episode is mentioned as under:

Episode 1- 18th December 2021
Episode 2- 19th December 2021
Episode 3- 24th December 2021
Episode 4- 25th December 2021
Episode 5- 26th December 2021
Episode 6- 1st January 2022
Episode 7- 2nd January 2022
Episode 8- 8th January 2022
Episode 9- 9th January 2022
Episode 10- 15th January 2022
Episode 11- 16th January 2022
Episode 12- 22nd January 2022
Episode 13- 23rd January 2022
Episode 14- 29th January 2022
Episode 15- 30th January 2022
Episode 16- 5th February 2022

Snowdrop Trailer

Here’s a look at the trailer of the much-talked-about South Korean Drama Snowdrop with subtitles!

The Snowdrop Cast

The cast of Snowdrop features Blackpink’s Jung Hae-in in the lead role as Lim Soo-ho, Jisoo Kim as the female lead Eun Young-ro, Yoo In-na in the role of Kang Chung-ya, Jang Seung-jo portrayed as Lee Kang-moo, Yoon Se-ah as the character Pi Seung-hee, Kim Hye-yoon as Kye Boon-ok, and Jung Yoo-jin in the role of Jang Han-na.

Snowdrop Rating

The IMDB rating of Snowdrop just a few days after its release is 8.9.

How to Watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus FAQs

You will need a VPN to watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus for the regions where Snowdrop is not available officially. It is important to subscribe to a VPN that offers buffer-free streaming with minimum server disconnections. ExpressVPN fits the bill!

Yes, you can watch Snowdrop from any country by connecting to a server of a country where your favorite K-Drama is available on Disney Plus.

You can watch Snowdrop on Disney+ outside the US by subscribing to a premium VPN. Once you sign in to your VPN app, connect to the South Korean server, log in to Disney Plus and start streaming.

Yes, Snowdrop is available on Disney Plus in select Asian regions. These countries include South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

Snowdrop is a South Korean romance drama set in 1987. The story revolves around the romance between a North Korean spy Lim Soo-ho and a university student Eun Young-ro. It premiered on JTBC and is licensed by the JTBS studios.

You can watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. For the streamers in other regions, you will need a premium VPN and connect to the server of countries where Snowdrop is officially available, in this case, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.

Our Final Thoughts!

You will feel an intense rush of romance drama as soon as you watch Snowdrop on Disney Plus. It is one of the first K-dramas released on Disney Plus out of the five planned. Besides South Korea, you can stream Snowdrop on Disney Plus Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. There is still time for you to catch on to the K-drama in other regions by subscribing to a premium VPN and connecting to a South Korean server.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.