How to Watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from Anywhere

Are you looking forward to watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus? You may get disappointed to hear that Our Kind of People is only available in limited areas and cannot be accessed globally. There’s no need to be concerned since we’ve got your back. You’ve come to the correct place because we’ll show you how to watch Our Kind of People on Disney+ from anywhere on the globe.

“Our Kind of People” highlights the Vaughns’ tumultuous past on the island, throws a fashion show and multiple parties, features a secret society initiation, a hostile corporate takeover, a sisterhood brunch, various family secrets, and physically tosses a lady overboard.
As Angela sets out to establish a name for herself with her natural hair care business, an emotional homage to her mother’s memory, she encounters Leah Franklin-Dupont and old money affectation, whose family and domineering father have ancient ties in Bluffs history.

Disney Plus is a streaming platform only accessible in a few countries. Because it is not available everywhere, you will need to change your location if you live in a country that does not accept Disney Plus.

You’re probably questioning yourself how this is even possible to watch Disney Plus with VPN. It is achievable with the help of a quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) that enables you to alter your region effortlessly, and this article will guide you through the entire process. Let’s get this party started.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Our Kind of People from Anywhere

You’ll need a good VPN service to watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from anywhere in the world. Nothing beats ExpressVPN, which is recognized for its lightning-fast speeds and excellent features for premium VPN services.
Here are a few simple methods for watching Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from anywhere.

  • Get yourself subscribed to a high-quality VPN service.ExpressVPN is highly recommended owing to its buffer-free streaming.
  • Once you have completed downloading, install the VPN on your desired streaming device.
  • Connect your server to the one available in the United Kingdom.
  • Navigate to the Disney Plus website or open the Disney Plus app.
  • Enter your login credentials and look for the title to log in to your Disney Plus account.
  • You can now enjoy watching Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from anywhere. Have fun streaming!

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Best Disney Plus VPNs to Watch Our Kind of People from Anywhere

Purchase a premium VPN subscription that will grant you accessibility to Disney Plus before Our Kind of People is launched on Disney Plus. There are several choices accessible in the VPN market; thus, to make your decision easier, we examined more than 50+ VPNs and picked the three finest VPNs the market offers.

1.ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch Our Kind of People from Anywhere

ExpressVPN is our top choice for the best VPN for streaming Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from anywhere on the planet. It has a fantastic reputation and a fantastic client experience, and it has established itself as the top, trustworthy pick for many.

We checked the VPN on a network of 100 Mbps, and the outcomes were fantastic. The upload speed of the VPN was 89.45 Mbps, and the download speed was 92.26 Mbps.


    ExpressVPN speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

It has 3000+ servers across 94 countries. To access Disney Plus, we need servers in the United Kingdom. ExpressVPN offers a range of servers in the United Kingdom that unblock Disney Plus from anywhere. In addition to Disney Plus, ExpressVPN allows you to access additional streaming services, including Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, and Amazon Prime.

The VPN app is available for Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. ExpressVPN MediaStreamer connects to the VPN through Apple TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Fire TV, routers, Samsung TV, and game consoles.

Its fast-speed and comprehensive security features include VPN Split Tunneling, Private DNS, No-logging, AES 256-bit Encryption, Trusted Server Technology, Automated Kill Switch, and 24/7 non-stop Customer Support, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience for only $6.67/mo(Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!)


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2. Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to stream Our Kind of People on Disney Plus

Next in our shortlisted recommendations is Surfshark, a VPN with great services at a low cost. That seemed unimaginable at first, but we’re now shocked and delighted to declare it the most affordable VPN in the group. Surfshark was also recognized as the “Best Value for Money” in 2019 by
Surfshark offers over 3200+ servers in over 65 locations that unblock various streaming services from across the world. Because you can only view Our Kind of People on Disney Plus via the United Kingdom servers, Surfshark has many dedicated servers in each region.


Surfshark speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

These servers are quick and provide high-definition access to your desired streaming platform anywhere. It includes protocols such as OpenVPN, SOCKS5, WireGUard, and IKEv2 for security.

Surfshark is not only compatible with Disney Plus but also with other streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Surfshark allows for an endless number of concurrent connections with a single account. This feature is essential since it allows you to share your password with friends and family so that you may all watch titles like Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett and Encanto on Disney Plus from anywhere and on many devices simultaneously.

Surfshark features special applications for every operating system, including Linux, Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It also works with most streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Apple TV, routers, YouTube TV, and game consoles.

Surfshark uses the Camouflage mode that allows us to use it anywhere, and it uses the latest AES-256-GCM encryption technology. It is priced at $2.30/mo(Save 83% & get 2 months FREE on 24 month subscription).

3.NordVPN: Fastest VPN to watch Our Kind of People from Anywhere

We recommend NordVPN if you have a significant budget and desire to use it to gain limitless bandwidth. Since it has one of the widest networks of servers in the VPN sector, it enjoys a speed edge over its competitors. NordVPN is a must-have for clients who desire a simple interface and costs only $3.49/mo(Avail 70% off & win extra time on a 2 year subscription).

NordVPN’s network has over 5500+ servers in 60 countries. NordVPN contains NordLynx protocol, its major technical solution, and multi-factor authentication also plays a vital role in protecting your Nord account. It also includes a lightweight browser plugin to improve your surfing experience.
NordVPN is a convenient VPN app that can be used on up to six devices simultaneously. NordVPN works with macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android, so it doesn’t make a difference what streaming platform you use.
We did speed tests on many NordVPN servers across a 100 Mbps network connection, and the results were astounding. NordVPN’s upload speed was 87.68 Mbps, and download speed was 93.42 Mbps; these are excellent rates for streaming your favourite content in HD format.


NordVPN speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

NordVPN’s SmartPlay technology enables it to connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and protect any connected devices. It also offers a DNS leak test, double protection, and VPN split tunneling for a stress-free VPN experience.

How a VPN Allows you to Access Our Kind of People on Disney+ from Anywhere?

Disney Plus offers a big library of content aimed at its UK audience. Other countries, such as Singapore, the United States, Canada, and Australia, have their own versions of Disney Plus, each with its own collection of content.


Disney Plus is geo restricted in many countries!

To view Our Kind of People, you must be a member of Disney Plus UK; however, due to licensing restrictions, this site is geo-restricted. The only method to acquire access to the whole content library is through a VPN. You may escape geo-restrictions by linking to a server in the U.K using a quality VPN service.
Once you link to the UK server, you will be issued an IP address from that region, which will enable you to access the whole Disney Plus library.

Easy Steps: How to Create Disney Plus UK Account from Anywhere

  • To create a Disney Plus United Kingdom account from anywhere globally, you will have to follow the following quick and simple steps.
  • Get subscribed to a premium VPN; we highly recommend ExpressVPN due to its excellent speed and functionality.
  • Install the VPN, after downloading it on the streaming device of your choice.
  • Connect your VPN to the UK server.
  • Head over to the Disney Plus app or open the Disney Plus website.
  • Now enter your username and password to log in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Disney Plus content can now be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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On What Devices can I Watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus?

The devices on which you can watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus are as follow:

What to Do if Our Kind of People on Disney Plus is not Working?

If Our Kind of People is not working on Disney Plus, you have a few other choices. Simply refresh the Disney Plus app to check whether the issue has been resolved; if required, you can also reconnect your internet connection and remove the app’s cache.
An error message, such as error code 83, could also appear, suggesting a problem with your app’s or streaming device’s operation.

For other errors, you can also check the quick fixes by reading our post on Disney Plus not Working.


Disney Plus Error Message when it stops working!

Everything About Our Kind of People

Here is everything that you may want to know about Our Kind of People.

Release Date

The release date of Our Kind of People is September 21, 2021.


Our Kind of People is a drama TV series. Let’s have a look at its trailer to see what this amazing show has to offer us.


There is only 1 season of Our Kind of People till now.


There are 12 episodes of Our Kind of People.


The names and roles of cast members of Our Kind of People are as follows.

Yaya DaCostaAngela Vaughn
Lance GrossTyrique Chapman
Nadine EllisLeah Franklin-Dupont
Rhyon Nicole BrownLauren Dupont
Kyle BaryQuincy Dupont
Alana BrightNikki Vaughn
Joe MortonTeddy Franklin
Dbbi MorganPatricia ‘Aunt Piggy’ Williams
Morris ChestnutRaymond Dupont
McKinley FreemanNate
L. Scott CaldwellOlivia Dupont
Nicole Chanel WilliamsTaylor Woods
Kay-Megan WashingtonJackie
Susan SpainRose Franklin
Melissa De SousaAlex Rivera
Ashley Nicole BlakeYoung Eve
Jeff HephnerJack Harmon
B.J. BrittLouis Franklin

IMDb Rating

The IMDb rating of Our Kind of People is 5.7.


You can watch Our Kind of People Season 1 on Disney Plus.

The release date of Our Kind of People on Disney Plus is February 16, 2022.

No, there is no Season 2 of Our Kind of People on Disney Plus yet.

You can watch Our Kind of People Season 1 free on Hulu using its free trials.


You can now watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus as it has been one of the most popular series since its premiere in 2021. Every week, the fans awaited for the release of fresh episodes with bated breath.
If you live outside of the United Kingdom, you may have difficulty due to the copyrights of streaming sites; nevertheless, we have already given an alternative.
You may now watch Our Kind of People on Disney Plus from anywhere by using our recommended ExpressVPN service. No matter where you are, ExpressVPN will grant you access to the entire Disney Plus collection.